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Union joins forces with The Cook’s Garden

September 25, 2015

We are very happy to announce that Union is partnering with The Cook’s Garden to grow our own produce! Chef Kalman will be working closely with the team over at The Cook’s Garden to bring you some of the most sustainably grown, specialty produce possible grown specifically for our menu.
From The Cook’s Garden website:
Home Grown Edible Landscapes grew out of an effort by Master Gardener, Geri Miller, to reach out to like-minded people who were searching for sound, organic, research-based resources for challenges they were facing in their own back (and front) yards. Through the overwhelming response to her fan page on Facebook, it was clear that there was a growing national “grass roots” interest in learning to use landscapes in a more environmentally sound and productive way. As a UC Davis certified Master Gardener and horticulturist, Ms. Miller works to strengthen communities. Much of her work over the years has been pro bono to educators and non-profits focusing on children.
“Whoever creates a garden, creates happiness,” has defined Geri Miller’s life, beginning when she discovered her love and talent for gardening as a child to her trailblazing efforts in introducing eco-friendly, research-based edible gardens and landscapes to public schools, hospitality companies including resorts, restaurants, galleries and spas as well as private residences in the greater Los Angeles area since 2001.
Her philosophy is that there is more value in teaching individuals and families how to design and care for their own organic gardens than in the “stop and drop” style of traditional landscaping. The additional yet no less important benefit possible from this approach is a richer experience for the individual client or family by:

    • heightening environmental awareness
    • reducing the carbon footprint of the traditional landscape,
    • a healthier lifestyle through better nutritional habits and
    • increased physical activity through gardening.

Stay tuned for more details on what we’ll be growing through these guys and how Chef Kalman will be using it on the menu!
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