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Tastemade… “nailed it”

November 11, 2014

Hey foodies, if you’re not hip to Tastemade, you’re missing out. They’re app makes it easy for anyone to direct a movie about their favorite restaurant and their short films highlight chefs and food with grace and adoration.

“Today we turn over the grill to a true locavore food genius”


If you’re into great cinematography and beautiful food, you’re going to love their latest short, “Breakfast Polenta with Smoked Duck | The Grill Iron – UCLA.” Full disclosure: it features our very own Bruce Kalman. But honestly, even if it didn’t feature our head chef, we’d still be passing on this piece. It takes a really thoughtful look at Bruce’s cooking philosophy and Union’s partnership with miller, Grist & Toll. (If you’ve never had our polenta then you are withholding heaven from your mouth.) ENJOY!


You can check out more Tastemade videos at their Youtube channel here.