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At market with Chef Kalman

June 12, 2015

This week we’re at the market with Chef Kalman again, picking up fresh ingredients for Union’s menu. It’s the best time of year to buy local as everything is in season and the flavors are out of control. Do yourself a favor and make a date to dine with us. Chef Kalman is inspired and as a result, everyone wins!  www.opentable.com / www.table8.com.

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A beautiful pallet of duck eggs from Jaime Farms which will get used on our Asparagus dish. The yolk in duck eggs is richer and the protein is firmer.

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Garlic, Basil, Opal Basil and Cipollini Onions all from Schaner Farms.

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This is Casi from Life’s a Choke Farms where Chef Kalman buys his asparagus. Isn’t she nice? Let her sell you some artichokes. They’re in season and beautiful.

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It’s no secret that we love Captain Ben and Wild Local Sea Food. They are one of the most sustainable fishing companies working today and can tell you exactly when and where each fish was caught. Captain Ben and Angel show off their giant Rock Cod and Vermillion Salman which Chef Kalman served for dinner the same night we bought it.

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Chef Kalman uses his pickling techniques on raisins from Peacock Farms.


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Remember that piece Food and Wine did on Chef Kalman’s fennel sorbet? We source the fennel from J. F. Organic Farms. The edible fennel is used for the salad and then the stalks, which would usually be thrown away, are juiced for the sorbet. We also buy our arugula from these guys for the salad.

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It’s an awesome time to buy stone fruit and everything at Fitzgerald’s is a winner. Chef Kalman took home a pallet of Fiesta Gems. They taste as delightful as they sound. You can read more about Fitzgerald at our feature here. 

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The berries are everywhere and these blueberries and Ollalieberries from Two Peas in a Pod Farms are just out of this world.