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LA Eater touts the Cavatelli!

March 26, 2015

Thank you to The Eater for highlighting Chef Kalman’s Ricotta Cavatelli! You can make a reservation to try it today by going to www.opentable.com or www.table8.com. We look forward to serving you! You can read what LA Eater had to say below or read the full article at this link.
17 Rabbit Dishes to Try Just in Time for Easter
Crystal Coser on Mar 25, 2015
This year, the cute, cuddly rabbit that so characterizes Easter is hopping right on to your dinner plate.
There is no doubt that rabbit meat is trending, with chefs across town capitalizing on its delicate flavor. A cursory taste of rabbit is, like many relatively exotic meats, reminiscent of chicken, but a deeper examination reveals a whisper of gaminess that’s bringing complexity to a whole slew of creative dishes in Los Angeles. From juicy bacon-wrapped rabbitchettas to spicy Sichuan diced rabbit, here is your list of 17 rabbit dishes to try just in time for Easter:
6 Ricotta Cavatelli at Union Restaurant
Chef Bruce Kalman’s Pasadena gem is known for thoughtfully-sourced local produce and handmade pasta, both of which set the tone for Union’s ricotta cavatelli with rabbit sausage, broccoli, cranberry beans, and Sicilian pistachios. The rich, nutty notes of the dish serve as a canvas upon which the herbaceous rabbit sausage shine.
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 12.18.39 PM
(Pic from LA.Eater.com)

The Examiner is Back to Feature Kalman’s Rabbit

February 16, 2015

A big “thank you” to The Examiner who recently featured Union’s Wild Mushrooms and Polenta. They’re back and this time they’re focusing on The Rabbit & Strozzapretti. We are happy to support local farms and are proud to list the names of our suppliers right on the menu. This dish is thanks to Jimenez Family Farms. Because our menu is farm to table, it does change frequently. So, get on in here while the rabbit is still happening! www.opentable.com You can read the entire Examiner article at this link or see below. Continue reading…