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Union Pictures from Visit to James Beard Foundation

April 23, 2015

The Union crew had the pleasure of cooking at the James Beard Foundation. We brought our chef and our Wine Director who gave the eaters a series of dream pairings. Check out lots of great photos and tons of gorgeous food porn from the event below.
1 beet agnolotti
1 corzetti
1 DSC_0044
1 DSC_0054
1 DSC_0069
1 DSC_0132
1 DSC_0143
1 DSC_0151
1 DSC_0172
1 DSC_9770
1 DSC_9784
1 DSC_9797
1 DSC_9811
1 DSC_9825
1 DSC_9854
1 DSC_9856
1 DSC_9881
1 DSC_9882
1 DSC_9885
1 DSC_9931
1 DSC_9932
1 DSC_9936
1 DSC_9942
1 DSC_9995
1 duck proscuitto
1 group shot
1 panna cotta
1 pig porchetta
1arancini di farratto

Watch Chef Kalman live cook at the James Beard Foundation

March 19, 2015

Happening right now!! (6pm @ 3/19/15) You can watch Chef Kalman live cook at the James Beard Foundation. He’s going into detail about sourcing and ingredients. Our esteemed Wine Director, George Pitsironis is also in the kitchen giving full descriptions of his wine choices. Foodies indulge! Follow the link after the jump to see the live cam. Continue reading…