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Chef Kalman Shows Us Around Knead

February 5, 2016

Food & Wine stopped by Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market to shoot video of Chef Kalman and co-owner Marie Petulla giving a tour of their new digs. Check out Food & Wine’s full feature, including video, at this link or read their feature below.

VIDEO: Look at L.A.’s Cool New Pasta Bar

By F&W Editors
Posted January 29, 2016
L.A.’s coolest new bar isn’t known for its cocktails. It’s all about the pasta.
Knead & Co., chef Bruce Kalman’s just-opened pasta bar in L.A.’s Grand Central Market, features bar-front views of an incredible pasta “lab” complete with a bespoke noodle extruder. The menu offers dishes both old-school, red sauce Italian like classic baked ziti, and innovative dishes like duck-stuffed agnolotti with butternut squash and golden raisins. There’s even a breakfast pasta: a raviolo with egg, kale, ricotta and tomatoes.
This past Wednesday, chef Kalman and his partner, restaurateur Marie Petulla, gave F&W’s fans a behind-the-scenes tour of the new restaurant and market (Knead is selling fresh-made pastas, sauces, cheeses and more) on Periscope. Watch the video at their link here.

Instyle Has Chef Kalman’s Recipe for Sunday Gravy

February 2, 2016

InStyle got the scoop on Chef Kalman’s recipe for homemade Sunday Gravy so that you can make this amazing sauce at home. Get the recipe below and follow this link to Instyle for more recipes, features and fashion.

This Sunday Gravy Is Just the Thing to Cure Your Sunday Blues

JANUARY 20, 2016
It’s the end of the weekend, the weather is atrocious, and you’re feeling the onset of the dreaded Sunday Blues. Instead of meekly crawling under your covers (been there!), try whipping up a batch of delicious and hearty Sunday Gravy from Knead & Company Pasta Bar + Market, a much-hyped Italian eatery coming soon to Downtown L.A.’s Grand Central Market.
Knead & Co. is helmed by renowned chef Bruce Kalman, who—in addition to creating this epic sauce—makes his own butter and pasta from scratch, and even launched a spice rub company. (In addition, Kalman’s Pasadena, Calif.-based restaurant Union was named 2014’s No. 2 Best Restaurant in L.A. by Los Angeles Magazine.)
Kalman’s meat-based sauce is just the thing to warm up your body and soul on a frigid Sunday evening—generously spoon it onto a big bowl of pasta, and freeze the rest for the week ahead. Recipe below.
Sunday Gravy
Yields 4 qt
1/4 cup olive oil
3 sprigs of fresh oregano, tied in bundles
6 sprigs of fresh basil, tied in bundles
1 lb pork shoulder with bone
1 lb beef chuck, with bone
1 lb veal shank slices, with bone
3/4 tsp red chili flake
6 garlic cloves, smashed
1 yellow onion, large dice
1 ½ cup red wine
4 qts San Marzano tomatoes, milled large holes
Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1. Season all of the meat liberally with salt and pepper.
2. In a large saucepan, heat the oil with the herbs and cook over medium heat until crisp; remove and reserve.
3. Increase to high heat and add the meat; cook to brown all of the meat and bone really well. Remove all of the meat, add the chili flakes, garlic, and onions, and season with salt and pepper; cook until translucent, then add the wine and deglaze the pan; reduce by 1/2.
4. Add the tomato, return the herbs, and reduce the heat. Bring to a simmer and transfer to a Dutch oven; cover and cook in the oven at 300°F for 2 hours, until all of the meat is tender.
5. Uncover and cool completely.
6. Remove the herb bundles, meat, and bones, and chop all of the meat finely and mix it back in. Serve over pasta, or whatever you’d like!

Knead Pasta Bar Now Open!

February 1, 2016

Marie Petulla and Bruce Kalman’s newest venture, Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market, is now open for limited hours, 11am to 6pm, with full service starting soon. Located in Grand Central Market, our sister restaurant features Chef Kalman’s fresh, handmade pastas and sauces. LA Times had the scoop on their official opening. Read the full feature at this link or see below.

An Inside Look at Bruce Kalman’s New Downtown Spaghetti Factory

Watch all the pastas get made at Grand Central Market’s Knead & Co. Pasta Bar
January 22, 2016 Lesley Balla
When it comes to making pasta, chef Bruce Kalman is the antithesis of the #fuckyourpastamachine hashtag. The chef and co-owner of Union Restaurant in Pasadena, and the forthcoming Knead & Co. Pasta Bar and Market, believes that using a machine, as opposed to cutting every intricate strand and shape by hand, is the way to go.
“I don’t think anyone can really tell the difference,” he says. “As a chef, I appreciate the art, and we do make some of our pastas by hand. But as a business man, it just doesn’t make sense.”
It will actually make a huge difference when Kalman starts serving and selling thousands of little pasta shapes in the Grand Central Market this month. Knead, the sophomore effort from Kalman and business partner Marie Petulla (the two opened Union in Pasadena in 2014), takes over a long space along the southern side of the building, closer to the Broadway entrance. There’s a full kitchen, well-stocked marketplace, and a 16-seat counter with views right into the pasta factory.
The cornerstone of the kitchen is the Emiliomiti extruder from Emilio Mitidieri, who’s known far and wide for his pasta-making machines (Eataly is just one regular customer). Why this machine is special: It applies about 6,000 pounds of pressure to help make the smoothest shapes around. “It’s all about pressure and heat,” Kalman says. “The dough is crumbly and dry when it goes into the chamber, and it gets really hot from the friction and pressure, which creates an optimal environment for extruding pasta.”
Plus, it’s just super cool.
With its myriad settings, Kalman can make more than 20 different pasta shapes, from orzo and Israeli cous cous, to bucatini, rigatoni, ziti, caserecci, spaghetti, pipette, penne, and creste di gallo, a sort of curved ziti with ruffles on the edge (cresta di gallo translates to “cockscomb,” as in a rooster). He uses different flours for different shapes, like charcoal wheat for the orzo and spelt for cavatelli, all coming from Pasadena’s Grist & Toll flour and grain mill.
“We make our pasta by hand at Union, and it’s time consuming. With this new place, there needs to be a balance,” Kalman says. “I don’t think all pasta has to be handmade. And I don’t shun anyone who says it should, but it doesn’t work for me.”
That extruder is really the beating heart of Kalman’s business as a whole. Not only are they making pastas for Knead & Co.’s menu—there’s spaghetti and meatballs with Sunday gravy, baked ziti, and cocoa agnolotti stuffed with duck confit, among other dishes—but also for Union. And anyone can pick up bags of dried pasta in the marketplace, along with Kalman’s spice rubs, handmade cheeses, their own salt-cured local anchovies, Hepp salts and more.
While pasta is the hallmark for Knead, there’s a lot more to the menu, including made-to-order panini, fresh salads and sides, and desserts like cannoli. All will be available to dine in or to take to go. It’s just one more feather in the cap for the always bustling, ever-expanding Grand Central Market.
“I love the vibe and energy that’s down there,” Kalman says of the historic open-air space. “Seeing the audience is great, it’s a really diverse crowd. And there’s really something for everyone.”
And that finally includes Sunday gravy and baked ziti. Once open, Knead will open daily from 8am-6pm, Sunday through Wednesday, and until 9pm, Thursday through Saturday.

Our new Pasta Bar “Knead & Co” official open announced

August 10, 2015

Big fall openings set for Grand Central Market in downtown L.A.

By RUSS PARSONS – Aug 7, 2015 / Los Angeles Times
Bruce Kalman’s pasta dishes are coming to the Grand Central Market. (Patrick T. Fallon / For The Times)
Life does not stand still at the Grand Central Market.
Four new projects and one major remodel are scheduled for fall. And that comes after a summer that saw the opening of falafel stand Madcapra, Mark Peel’s Bombo and the popular La Tostaderia. That’s in addition to the spiffy makeover of old guard candy store La Huerta, purveyors of candied camote and membrillo as well as dried fruits, nuts and brightly colored sweets.
First up is going to be Knead & Co. Pasta Bar + Market, by Bruce Kalman and Marie Petulla, the team behind Pasadena’s Union restaurant. They’re going local and sustainable with this venture, making their own pasta, much of it with flour ground by Pasadena’s Grist & Toll from locally grown wheat.
“We’re going to have a real mix of things,” Kalman says. “Some of it will be very accessible — spaghetti and meatballs, just tossed in sauce, baked ziti, dishes that are simple, classic.
“Then there will be a good mix of the kinds of things we do at Union, like the pappardelle with rabbit sugo. We may have just spaghetti with butter and Parmigiano, but it will be made with handmade spaghetti from local wheat.”
Knead will be along the market’s south wall, next to where the old liquor store was. Kalman says it should be open by mid-October at the latest, possibly as early as late September.
Next door to Knead will the as-yet-unnamed vegan ramen and pho shop from “Top Chef” competitor and former Gorbal’s chef Ilan Hall. It’s also scheduled to open sometime this fall.
Other openings before the end of the year should include Golden Road Brewing’s brewpub, boutique cocktail store Courage and Craft from Bestia’s Nicholas Krok and Ryan Duffy, and Spanish snack stand Bar Moruno from Mozza alums David Rosoff and Chris Feldmeier. Popular G&B Coffee is also in the middle of a major remodel.
“Things just keep moving,” says market spokesperson Jim Yeager. “Pretty soon the evening hours are going to get more robust. That will help make this a bona fide dinner destination.
“We’re constantly making refurbishments to the place. People ask when it’s going to end; it’s never going to end. The speed and number will slow down, but not in the foreseeable future.”

Tasting Table Gets Chef Kalman’s Giardiniere Recipe

April 7, 2015

Tasting Table’s put together an awesome feature on Bruce Kalman and his unforgettable giardiniere. They even reveal his recipe which we’ve copied and pasted below. If you’re the kind of person who loves to cook, here’s a great recipe that will you look like a pro. Enjoy! Read the full article here or see below. Continue reading…

Bombo Blog Features Union at Grand Central Market

April 2, 2015

We’re still in the paperwork phase of opening up our new spot downtown and we couldn’t be more excited that this space is opening this summer. Bombo just opened their new spot in the market and they’ve got a write-up on the blog featuring their new concept in conjunction with Union’s new opening. Read Bombo Food’s feature on our new space to get an idea of what we’ll be offering and to give yourself a reason to be excited for summer!
Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 2.56.52 PM
Pic from BomboFoods.com
Posted On March 26, 2015
Downtown’s historic food hub braces for the opening of Bombo and a new pasta bar.
The overhaul of Grand Central Market continues. Last year alone, the almost 100-year-old Downtown food hub brought in Berlin Currywurst, McConnell’s Ice Cream, Christophe Happillon’s Oyster Gourmet, Olio Pizza and Wexler’s Deli, and it looks like we can expect even more of a makeover in 2015 with former Brooklyn chefs Sara Kramer and Sarah Hymanson working to open their Madcapra falafel shop.
Two of L.A.’s more prominent chefs are moving in as well. Adding to the growing list of high-profile operators at the market, Mark Peel, who ran former L.A. institution Campanile, has announced that his new seafood-focused restaurant Bombo will debut in March. Union’s Bruce Kalman has signed on to open a pasta bar in late summer.
Bombo is a nickname given to the steel-jacketed steam kettles that Peel will be using to create a menu of broth-based dishes. The chef first saw the specialty cookware in action at the Grand Central Oyster Bar in New York City, and though he was immediately intrigued, he never had the opportunity to use them until now.
“I was fascinated because it was so different from what I was used to cooking with, and I loved the way they worked–very fast, very clean, very visual,” Peel says. “I wanted someday to do something with them, but I never really had a place in any restaurant I ever worked in because it’s a big investment, and they take up a fair amount of room. So when we were talking to the people at Grand Central Market, we thought, ‘This is the perfect place for it.’”
Peel says his menu will be “very focused” and built around four broths–curried shrimp cream and spicy lobster bouillabaisse, plus two non-seafood options: a vegan reduction with dried mushrooms and Japanese seaweed, and a double-enriched chicken. He plans to prepare the broths in advance, which will allow a variety of dishes to be made in minutes. Along with the restaurant, the chef will be curating an adjoining fish market.
Less concrete are the plans for Kalman’s upcoming pasta bar, which he is opening with business partner Marie Petulla. However, we do know that lunch and dinner will be served. And, just like at Union, which took the No. 2 spot on Los Angeles magazine’s Top 10 Best New Restaurants of 2014, the menu will rely on what’s available at the farmers’ market each day.
The new space will include an attached marketplace, where the chef will be selling his growing collection of artisanal goods. The chef will presumably offer pickles from his Bruce’s Prime Pickle Company as well as the new line of spice rubs he created with Venice’s Hepp’s Salt Co.–some of his delicious giardiniera would be nice, too. Kalman also promises a pasta “lab” that will produce fresh noodles daily.
“I’m looking forward to sharing a nice menu of fresh pastas with the Downtown community,” Kalman says. “With this new space, we’ll be able to do some R&D, serve great pasta dishes, and sell fresh pasta to take home from our market.”
redarrow Grand Central Market, 317 S. Broadway, Los Angeles, 213-624-2378

Zagat says get the Spaghetti alla Chitarra!

February 24, 2015

Not long ago Zagat called Union 1 of 14 “Must try” American suburban restaurants and now they’re back with a list of 12 pastas you need to try in LA and we are honored to be one of those yummy dozen. At Union we take pride in our hand made pastas and this summer Chef Kalman and Marie Petulla will be opening a pasta bar in Grand Central Market in downtown Los Angeles where you’ll be able to get Kalman’s fresh made pasta all day and night! Please enjoy Zagat’s full list at this link or read the entire article below. Continue reading…

LA Magazine Reports on Our Grand Central Pasta Bar

February 19, 2015

We are so excited about our new pasta bar coming to Grand Central. As you know, we make all of our pastas fresh and in house at Union and now we have a place where the pasta will the main event; all the time, every day. Thank you to LA Magazine for being so supportive. We look forward to serving you soon in our new spot. Until then, keep posted here for all the up to date announcements! You can read LA Magazine’s full article at this link here or enjoy it after the break. Continue reading…

Bruce Kalman and Marie Petulla to open Grand Central Market Spot

February 12, 2015

Live or work near Pershing Square? You’re in luck! We are very excited to announce that our team is opening a new restaurant in Grand Central Market. It’s gonna be all pasta all the time. The Los Angeles Times has the full scoop. You can read the full article at this link or see below. Continue reading…