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Thrillist says eat with us before you die.

September 9, 2015

Thank you to The Thrillist for listing our Squid Ink Garganelli at #6 on their “To eat before you die list”. We totally agree! You can make a reservation to dine with us by clicking here. Please enjoy their entire feature at this link or read below.


1. Chorizo breakfast burrito
Cofax Coffee Shop
It may only be less than a year old, but this small coffee shop’s chips-and-smoked-potato-laden breakfast burrito has become a defining member of the city’s hand-held tortilla-wrapped community.

2. #19
Langer’s Delicatessen
MacArthur Park
The most iconic pastrami sandwich in the city is also its most delicious. Yep, we said it.

3. Tonkotsu ramen
Multiple locations
By far the most well-known Japanese noodle-and-broth combo in the city, and even with the city’s ramen explosion, it’s still one of the most delicious.

4. Crispy rice salad
Silver Lake
Yeah, it’s got the word “salad” in the name, but you can get this unctuous dish with an egg and sausage. Which you will. And you will be very happy you did.

5. Seared Salmon Right Away
Sushi Ike
Available only at the bar at this raw-fish institution, the Seared Salmon Right Away melts on your tongue and makes you truly wonder why you’ve ever eaten second-rate sushi before.

6. Squid ink garganelli
This hole-in-the-wall Pasadena farm-to-table restaurant has rapidly become one of the city’s go-to tables, and this dish — with lobster, fennel, and truffle butter — is its shining-est star.

7. Chianina steak
Chianina Steakhouse
Long Beach
It’s worth exploring Long Beach to end up at this classy steakhouse, which grows and butchers its own meat, serving up limited servings of each cut that’ll clean out your wallet in the most delicious way possible.

8. BBQ pork belly sandwich
These slider-sized morsels have become the signature dish at Jon & Vinny’s signature restaurant — the rest of the menu changes around them, but a meal there without these fatty blasts would be sacrilege.

9. Chopped fruit w/ chili powder and lime juice
Any street vendor with them
New York people may brag about their street-vendor hot dogs and pretzels, but who needs those when you’ve got juicy watermelon, mango, jicama, and more, acid-ed up with lime and spiced up with chili? Not you. Not. You.

10. Omelette
Petit Trois
It’s simply called an “Omelette,” but this perfectly buttered, Boursin cheese-stuffed fluffy egg dish is much more than that: it’s Ludo Lefebvre’s way of saying “I’m not just a TV-star gimmick.” And after one bite, you’ll agree.

11. Short rib
Odys & Penelope
This dinosaur-sized bone-in hunka-hunka-delicious meat isn’t just one of the best BBQ dishes in the city, it’s one of the best dishes in the city, period.

12. Hickory burger
Apple Pan
West LA
Thankfully, nothing at this WLA burger institution has changed since 1947: the space-wasting counter-only set-up, the old-school servers, and this burger — legendary for its smoky, classic flavor.

13. Pork xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings)
Din Tai Fung
Multiple locations
That first bite, when your teeth puncture the surface of these perfect, thinly doughed pockets of soup and meatball, and the broth hits your upper lip, burning it ever-so-slightly in the process? Nirvana.

14. Chicharron quesadilla
Oaxacan Quesadilla Cart
Echo Park
You may have a hard time finding this woman, but you NEED TO FIND THIS WOMAN, who hand-makes blue-corn tortillas stuffed with chicharrones, cheese, and some sort of magic insanity that makes you go “where the hell have you been my whole life???”

15. Strawberry donuts
Donut Man
“But, it’s like a pie filling made from fresh strawberries stuffed inside a donut,” say haters. To which you’ll say, “DUDE IT’S LIKE A PIE FILLING MADE FROM FRESH STRAWBERRIES STUFFED INSIDE A DONUT!!!!”

16. Baseball Steak
Pacific Dining Car
Downtown and Santa Monica
Is this the best steak in the city? It is not. Is this the best steak in the city at 3am inside a relic from the 1950s where you’re treated like Frank Sinatra in his prime? Yes. It is most certainly that.

17. Whole snook
Coni’Seafood & Mariscos Chente
Inglewood/Marina Del Rey
These brother-sister restaurants both serve the same delectable signature dish: a whole flayed fish, fresh from Mexico, served with stewed onions and homemade tortillas. Put them together: perfection.

18. Chicken kafta plate w/ eggplant salad, hummus, and baba ganoush
Pita Kitchen
Van Nuys
Anyone who’s lived in The Valley is either a Pita Kitchen disciple or has wondered what the hell the out-the-door lines on Van Nuys Blvd are all about. Well, here’s the thing: they’re about these spiced chicken patties, this mushy, flavorful eggplant, and this perfectly oily hummus. Two pro tips, though: pay the extra $1 for a third side (baba ghanouj!) instead of stomach-filling rice, and avoid, at all costs, the same-named ripoff restaurant on Wilshire.

19. Uni Dynamite
The dirty secret of Roy Choi’s excellent Korean menu is that the best stuff is actually NOT in the pots — rather it’s side dishes like this gooey, savory, creamy uni-and-rice dish.

20. Shrimp taco
Mariscos Jalisco
One bite of the shrimp taco and you’ll understand why this truck is one of the most lauded cheap bites in the city.

21. Half-chicken
Zankou Chicken
Multiple locations
There are a lot of things you don’t know about this beloved Middle Eastern chain, but here’s one thing you do: its chicken (and ohGodthat garlic sauce) are absurd.

22. Half-chicken
Dino’s Chicken and Burgers
Multiple locations
Another half-chicken? Yep. But Dino’s — a series of roadside cafes that look about as nondescript as possible — couldn’t be more different than Zankou; its deep-red Mexi-ish bird is covered in a vinegar sauce that makes it truly moist all the way through. Pro tip: order extra sauce and let it seep into the fries or rice below for an insane carb-bomb side.

23. Tsukemen ramen
Tsujita Annex
West LA
Why not get the frothy, thick tonkotsu ramen? Because the dippable tsukemen gives you the ability to have as much — or as little — broth on your noodles as you want, plus the inevitable leftovers travel better.

24. Chinese chicken salad
Chin Chin
Multiple locations
The Chinese chicken salad is one of LA’s defining dishes, and the version at the gentrified Chinese chain Chin Chin is one of its defining variations, thanks to a gingery dressing, an abundance of nuts, and — oh yeah — not one, but TWO types of crispy fried noodles.

25. Hoecake
Barrel and Ashes
Studio City
Its BBQ meats may be divisive, but no one who’s been to this new-ish meat-centric spot can deny the buttery, gooey hoecake, which is essentially a cornbread if cornbread were made of dreams instead of corn.

26. Smoked salmon pizza
Beverly Hills
Its glory-est days may be behind it, but Wolfgang Puck’s flagship restaurant is still an emblem of Hollywood decadence, and this now off-menu signature dish was once the height of LA’s food scene — and one bite in, you’ll understand why.

27. Bacon breakfast burrito
Lucky Boy
As notable for the fact that you’ll get yelled at as you try to order it as it is for the monster amounts of crazy-good bacon that the guy yelling at you will eventually stuff into it. Mmmm.

28. Godmother
Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery
Santa Monica
This is pretty universally considered one-of-if-not-the best sandwich in all of the LA area. If you haven’t had this meat monster yet, what have you been waiting for? Really, WHAT?

29. Smoked fish platter
Wexler’s Deli
Downtown LA
There are so many things we could recommend at the Grand Central Market, but this platter of freshly smoked fish hits the soul in the same way as Eggslut — without the line.

30. Dodger Dog
Dodger Stadium
Chavez Ravine
You’re really not allowed to call yourself an Angeleno unless you’ve had a Dodger Dog. Extra points for finishing it, saying, “that’s not as good as I expected,” and then immediately ordering another one.

31. French dip
Is Cole’s or Phillipe’s the best French dip in the city? That’s a debate we don’t want to take a side in.

32. French dip
Philippe the Original
Told you.

33. Office Burger
Father’s Office
Culver City/Santa Monica
Love it or hate it, Sang Yoon’s defining dish set the stage for LA’s reputation as a burger mecca, and still stands as one of the best ground meatwiches in the city.

34. All the salads
Hummus Bar
It’s worth the drive to this strip mall for two things: the skewers of meat at Kushiyu, and this Mediterranean restaurant’s salads, which come with any entree order and fill the table with everything from eggplant to chopped liver, all dippable with their piping-hot homemade bread, which is sort of a mix between lavash and pita. It’s outstanding.

35. Al pastor taco
Leo’s Taco Truck
Multiple locations
This taco truck mini-chain’s rotating, pineapple-aided rotisseries of meat make for tortilla-stuffed perfection; there are hundreds of trucks in the city making al pastor tacos, but Tacos Leo stands out completely from the rest.

36. Albacore belly
Multiple locations
What, you’ve only ordered the set sushi meals? Then you’ve missed out on the real treat: this absurdly flavorful bite, which has to be ordered separately. It’s worth it. Completely.

37. Chicken and waffles
Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles
Multiple locations
There are a ton of variations of this dish all over the city, but Roscoe’s is definitive, and still stands out for crispiness, balance, and being open late on Friday and Sat. Which never hurts. (And usually helps.)

38. Ice cream sandwich
Diddy Riese
It’s a rite of passage to stand in line for an hour at this nearby-to-UCLA spot, asking the entire time you’re in line if it’s really worth all that standing around for a $2 ice cream sandwich. And then you take a bite, and, yep, it totally is.

39. Short rib taco
Kogi BBQ
Multiple locations
This dish essentially started the food truck trend. It’s an amazing mesh of flavors, and all that time ago — like, five years — it was groundbreaking. Now, it’s just super tasty.

40. Fish dip
Son of a Gun
When they opened Son of a Gun, Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo wanted to recreate the flavors they remembered from fish shacks in Florida, and they knocked it out of the park with this fish dip, going so far as to import the crackers they use to give it a hit of salty authenticity. Pro tip: even if you don’t love Tabasco, it adds a killer vinegar extra to the already-great flavors.

41. Charcuterie platter
So many spots in the city offer platters of cured meats, but Bestia’s is all made in-house, which means the process is carefully curated, and the meats are that much better for it.

42. BBQ chicken pizza
Mulberry St Pizzeria
Multiple locations
Some people may complain that the pizza here is too floppy, and yeah, it kinda is. But the ingredients in its BBQ chicken variation are top-notch, and the serving size is massive, and once it’s in your mouth, who cares about that flop anyways?

43. Chili cheeseburger
Original Tommy’s Hamburgers
East Hollywood
You could go to any of the Tommy’s locations and leave happy, but if you hit the original-original-really-guys-we-mean-the-original spot, you’ll be super-duper-double happy. (Until about five hours later.)

44. Mole negro
This sort of formerly under-the-radar Oaxacan spot just won a James Beard Award for having killer mole. Seriously, if that doesn’t get you in the door, what does?

45. Kimchi fried rice
Walter Manske’s gorgeous restaurant has gotten praise for its dinners, but the real move is to go for brunch: the pastries are insane, and you can order this monstrous bowl of egg-topped, short rib-laden spicy rice and then… nap. You’re definitely gonna nap.

46. Garlic knots
C&O Trattoria
Going to C&O for a big-group dinner is unavoidable, and surely someone will complain in the comments below that the massive pasta plates are not up to snuff with other Italian joints in the city. Who cares? The free garlic knots — which come both with every dinner and for whomever is waiting outside for a table as well — are, like, insanely, insanely great.

47. Lasagna
Dan Tana’s
West Hollywood
That said, if you do want Italian, and you don’t mind dropping some dough, classic Italian steakhouse Dan Tana’s still satisfies, especially when you’re ordering something as classic as meat-stuffed lasagna.

48. Fried chicken
Honey’s Kettle
Culver City
It’s the #1 fried chicken in the city according to the most expert of experts. Do you really need another reason?

49. Green mussels curry
Jitlada Thai Restaurant
You put one of these in your mouth and it explodes with spice and flavor. Then you repeat. Then you repeat again. Then you sip some Singha. Then you repeat again.

50. Danger dog
Any random street cart
Because if you’re gonna have your last meal, it may as well be bacon-wrapped and topped with onions, jalapeños, and mayo. Right?

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