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Chef Kalman is Fair Trade’s June Basket

June 3, 2015

The Fare Trade is featuring our very own Chef Kalman for their June basket! He’s put together an awesome batch of goods for you and they’ve got a bunch of tutorial videos up so that you can use everything like a professional chef.
Follow this link to purchase your very own basket.
Follow this link to Chef Kalman’s tutorials.
Follow this link to Chef Kalman’s recipes.

June’s Featured Products

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Bianco DiNapoli | San Marzano Tomatoes
Crafted By: Chris Bianco + Rob DiNapoli
Los Gatos, CA
Developed by James Beard Foundation Award-winning chef, Chris Bianco of Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Arizona as an answer to his growing need for the perfect tomato – Bianco DiNapoli illustrates his philosophy of supporting Farmers and Artisans to showcase how the best ingredients are the ones prepared simply with care. Partnering with Rob DiNapoli has allowed Bianco to accomplish just that.
The tomatoes are perfectly suited for all traditional uses such as Marinara sauce, Bolognese or a top a pizza inspired by Chef Bianco and used to create inventive dishes such as Shakshuka with braised seasonal greens, Bison Chili, or homemade Pesto Gnocchi.
BK Spice Rubs | Porchetta Rub
Crafted By: Bruce Kalman
Pasadena, CA
Made with 100% all-natural ingredients including HEPP’s Portuguese Sea Salt, Fennel Seed, Garlic, Rosemary, Calabrian Chile Flake, Black Pepper, Fennel Pollen, and Lemon Zest, the flavor profile was inspired by a trip our Chef Collaborator took to Italy years ago.
After having the pleasure of tasting a simply made Porchetta with local ingredients, Bruce has been hard at work developing a rub reminiscent of that trip enhanced by his philosophy as a chef. While the blend will complement any cut of meat its Tuscan properties also allow it to meld well in a variety of dishes and preparations. We love using it to add depth to stews and soups, paired with yogurt for crudités of seasonal vegetables, or rubbed on a perfectly crisp roast chicken.
Grist & Toll Polenta
Crafted By: Nan Kohler + Marti Noxon
Pasadena, CA
Made with non-GMO corn, the Stone Milled Polenta from Grist + Toll produces a product that chefs far and wide have quickly adopted for it’s texture, flavor, and ability to meld well with other ingredients both sweet and savory.
Utilizing the technique shared by Chef Bruce Kalman we find the starch a great complement to mushrooms, rabbit ragu, or even a fried egg. Chill the polenta and re-fry with sage and other aromatics and top with fresh ricotta; grill and top with bruschetta; or make a cake with seasonal berries and fresh fruit.
Seascape Strawberry + Rose Geranium Jam
Crafted By: Jessica Koslow
Los Angeles, CA
McGrath Family Farms, which has been growing the land in Oxnard since 1868, produces the beautiful organic Seascape Strawberries found in this sweet, acidic jam. Firm in texture and compact in size these berries are the ideal variety for preserving. Paired with Rose Geranium produces an elegance to the jam and floral notes that are ideal for early summer. While the jam is ideal for a crunchy piece of Brioche it also is a great addition to pastries, with porridge, or folded into crepes.
Dakota’s Pop Parlor | Curried Pig Popcorn
Crafted By: Dakota Weiss
Los Angeles, CA
Dakota’s Pop Parlor started out a hobby fueled by a passion to see what flavors could successfully pair with popcorn. Luckily for us – the answer was many! Even better, popcorn is considered an antioxidant and low in calories.
This organically grown popcorn is infused with Madras Curry Toffee, Smoked Pistachios, and Hobb’s Bacon resulting in a bracingly savory and earthy mixture that lends itself well to pie crusts, atop desserts, mixed in salads, and of course, for snacking.