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At Market with Chef Kalman

May 28, 2015

We’re at the market every week picking up fresh produce to bring you the best of what local farmers have to offer. We love all of our suppliers and encourage our eaters to shop local, eat fresh and make friends with the people who are growing your food. When we asked what Chef Kalman was most excited about this time at the market, he said “everything!”. Please enjoy some pics of what’s in season and being served at Union. — All pics from the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market.

A basket full of goodies from our time at market.

1 IMG_3050

These purple potatoes will go into the Little Gem Salad.

1 IMG_3008

Red shallot onions from JF Organic Farms. 

1 IMG_3018

Squash blossoms from JF Organic Farms which will be sauteed.

1 IMG_3037

Mike and Dan pick up the goods.

1 IMG_3054

Flowers for the tables from Peads and Barnetts.

1 IMG_3056

Asparagus from Life’s a Choke Farms.

1 IMG_3086

Bruce picks a handful of beautiful nasturtium from Coleman Family Farms.

1 IMG_3101

When you’re at the market, say hi to Laura! She knows everything about the market and is very nice.

1 IMG_3105

Peruano Beans from Two Peas in a Pod and Mama’s Preserves.

1 IMG_3107

English peas for the Spring Panzanella Salad. Chef Kalman also juices the peapods as a way to eliminate food waste.

1 IMG_3002

Gi-normous mulberries so good Chef Kalman calls them “F*cking awesome”.

1 IMG_2996
Meyer lemons from J.J.’s Lone Daughter Farms for that amazing Meyer Lemon Panacotta.

1 IMG_2999