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LA EATER loves the Spaghetti Chitarra

April 14, 2015

LA Eater gives a shout out to Chef Kalman’s Spaghetti Chitarra. It’s one of the items that rarely leaves the menu and after you’ve eaten a plate full you’ll understand why. This spaghetti will definitely give grandma a run for her money. See the Eater’s full feature below or at this link.

Bruce Kalman Whips Up Union’s Addictive Spaghetti Chitarra

by Matthew Kang, photos by Wonho Frank Lee, Apr 10, 2015
Possibly the best thing to order at the Pasadena Cali-Italian spot.
Bruce Kalman has an utter commitment to using local ingredients, and nothing celebrates that dedication than this addictive plate of chitarra pasta at Union, his restaurant in Pasadena. First, local wheat gets milled nearby at Grist & Toll, which becomes the basis for the chewy pasta.
Then, add California San Marzano tomatoes and a gently spiced Anaheim chile pepper for complexity. Probably the only thing that isn’t local is the parmigianno-reggiano cheese, which comes from Italy, of course. Take a look at Kalman’s technique and check out the dish the next time you’re in the 626.

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