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Our Wine Director Suggests The Perfect Wine For Your Holiday Party

December 22, 2014

Our esteemed Wine Director, George Pitsironis, wants you to bring the perfect bottle of wine to your next holiday party or dinner. We suggest getting your wine from Everson Royce (right around the corner from Union) where they have an amazing selection of wine, spirits and beer.


Says George of Everson Royce:

“Randy and April are the owners of Silverlake Wine and they just opened Everson Royce with Joe Capella. This shop has the same concept. They look for great producers from all around the world. It’s small boutique stuff. They pay respect and attention to vineyards that do things the right way.
Everson Royce is a great place to get your holiday wine for entertaining or for your home. They have great prices and are vey hands on. They have an amazing staff that is also super knowledgeable. Tell them what you like and they will put something in your hands that you really love.”

Here is the list of George’s hand-picked wines that are sure to make you look good this holiday season.

From George:
Their Langhe Arneis is a great everyday wine. It’s an excellent starter wine and goes well with mild cheeses. If you’re not into bubbles, this is a great wine to start with before you get into the massive feast.
From George:
We carry the Rosso Piceno, But Everson Royce carries the more simple Montepulciano D’Abruzzo It’s a great every day drinker and a fantastic table wine. It also goes great with turkey.
From George:
This wine is a single vineyard wine and all organically farmed. The vines were originally planted by Richard Sanford who is one of the godfathers of the valley and his grapes produce a world class Pinot in the Sta. Rita Hills. Jeff fisher, is the owner and wine maker at Habit. He truly symbolizes hands-on winemaking. His wines can be found in top restaurants around the country. Union only carries his Sauvignon Blanc, but you can get their other wines at Everson Royce.
From George:
Bill and Cindy Wenzlau are locals in Pasadena. Very sweet people. They have talented wine people making their wine. Their Chardonnay pairs very well with fancy white truffle dishes. This one is more of a splurge for the holidays.
From George:
This is a great Nebbiolo. It’s all Brunate fruit from younger vines and very small production. It drinks like a baby Barolo. It’s a gem and the perfect red wine for truffles.
Everson Royce is located at: 155 N. Raymond Avenue, Pasadena, CA 91103.