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Truffles Are Here!!!

November 3, 2014

It’s official! Truffle season is in full swing and Union’s got them in house from Alba, the most revered truffles of the year. We are happy to promote our suppliers, The Truffle Brothers who specialize only in truffle products.
If you’ve had our polenta or garganelli, then you’ve also tasted their amazing truffle butter.
We’ll have truffles in through mid December, the end of the truffle season. Union is pricing our truffles exceptionally fair and you can add fresh shaved truffles to any dish on the menu which our servers will shave for you table side.
Right now, Chef Kalman is serving truffles on Charcoal Wheat Pappardelle. This pappardelle is a flat wide noodle made especially for us by Grist & Toll and has a nuttier, earthier flavor. The pasta is served with butter, parmigiano-reggiano, chili and fresh parsley. The simplicity of the dish serves as a neutral canvas for the truffles, allowing for their natural flavors to shine. A slow poached egg is laid across the center of the plate, which when broken warms the truffles, releasing their fragrant aromas.
Pairing with a perfect wine:
Because our truffles come from Alba, we recommend pairing with any Barolo grape based wine which comes from the same region.
Our in house recommendation:
Rocche Costamagna – Rocche Dell’annunziata – 2009 Borolo.
This wine comes from Piedmont, the region Alba sits within.
To make your reservation with us for dinner, click this link @ or call 626-795-5841. We look forward to serving you!