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A Handpicked Selection of Beers Is Now Available at Union

October 9, 2014

Certain beers pair with food just like wine. We at Union are happy to offer a handpicked selection of some of the best craft beers in the country. We’ve chosen beers for our menu that taste good, are made well and with sustainability in mind. To make a reservation with us for dinner and a beer, just click the following link:
Prima Pilsner – Victory Brewery Company
A shining example of a German style pilsner, this beer is super clean and super dry. It’s made with all German malts and hops. This beer is a wonderful starter and pairs best with lighter fair and salads like Union’s Asparagus and Fennel Salad. Says our beer expert, “Nobody doesn’t like this beer.”

Hoss Rye Lager – Great Divide Brewing Company
This is a light and bready beer. It’s fuller than a regular lager and finishes with a crisp, cereal grain including hints of cherry and dark fruits. A tiny bit of rye also lends a spicy, acidity to the finish. Cold fermented, this beer is in the Märzen lager style of Germany. This beer pairs well with meats, especially the Pitman Farms Roasted 1/2 Chicken.
Swami’s Indian Pale Ale – Pizza Port Brewing Company
Named for a beach in Carlsbad CA, this beer is a quintessential San Diego style IPA and very hoppy. (East coast IPAs are less hoppy and have more malt.) A close cousin to cannabis strain, hops are a preservative and 1 of 4 ingredients responsible for bittering. This beer is piny, slightly flowery and pours clear, clean and very consistent. Pair it with anything spicy like Union’s Shoshito Peppers.

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