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AAA’s Westways reviews Union Restaurant

October 27, 2014

AAA Magazine recently stopped by to dine with us at Union. Their review is kind and glowing, focusing on Chef Kalman’s homemade pastas. As the season changes and you start feeling the urge for some unforgettable comfort food, come in to Union where the flavors are thoughtful and the staff is warm and inviting. You can try our pastas and other dishes by making a reservation tonight. Just click this link –, or call 626-795-5841.

But I’m smitten with the pastas, all house-made (naturally) and terrific. A nutty spelt cavatelli tossed with asparagus, arugula pesto, pecorino, and walnuts was one of the best pasta dishes I had this year, right in the running with another Union offering, spaghetti alla chitarra napped with a suave and buttery San Marzano tomato sauce.
The food at Union is uncomplicated, rustic, ingredient-driven, a little quirky, and divinely flavorful.

~ Jean T. Barrett : “Union” AAA Westways Magazine November/December 2014: Web.

You can read the full article here.


Photo: Venessa Stump
Photo: Venessa Stump

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