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Union loves our supply partners: Grist & Toll

September 8, 2014

Check out Life & Thyme’s amazing article on our supply partner, Grist & Toll. We, at Union, take care to source our ingredients from the most thoughtful farmers, millers, wineries and fishermen and Grist and Toll is one of the best.
You can read the entire article at Life & Thyme by clicking here.


But fundamentally, as a baker I’m very curious. My style is never overtly sweet, one-dimensional sugar bombs. I find that very boring; I’m not interested in it. I played around with ingredients and was naturally drawn to looking at different types of flour. So at the most basic level, it all stems from that, and me saying, “As a baker, this is my most important ingredient. Where is it coming from? How is it being produced? What about all these other flavors and things that are out there, and how do I get them?”

~ Antonio Diaz: “Grist and Toll: An Urban Flour Mill.” Life & Thyme August 4, 2014: Web.

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