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September 11, 2014

We’re thankful to showcase a recent article from (an online magazine for gentlemen) on Chef Bruce Kalman. They showcase “Chopped,” Kalman’s love of pickles and talk about what he’s looking forward to with fall cooking. You can check out more from here or read the full article below.

The pickle thing, it’s handcrafted food. It takes a lot of time… you can’t just throw a bunch of ingredients together and make a good pickle. You have to be really in-tune with what you’re doing, coupled with the fact that I grew up in Jersey, where there are pickles everywhere. You go to a diner and there’s a bowl of pickles on the table. It’s something I’ve really enjoyed doing.

– Bruce Kalman

~ Liz Laing: “Chef Bruce Kalman Talks Porchetta, Pickles.” September 8, 2014: Web.

You can read the entire article here.

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