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September 2, 2014 has a nice interview with Bruce Kalman in which we learn the places Chef Kalman eats in LA, why he chose Northern Italian cuisine for Union, who his mentors were when he was just starting out, and what he thinks about the LA food scene… among other facts.
You can read the article in its entirety here.

So what drew you towards Italian cooking? What is it about Italian food that you love?
Italian food has always been very special to me. Ever since I worked with Paul Bartolotta at Spiaggia. ‘Cause that’s where I really started to learn food. The simplicity behind it, the skill that it takes to take four ingredients and make ‘em taste great together. That’s Tuscan cooking. I love it. And I also think that there’s so much soul in Italian cooking you know what I mean, not a lot of snobbery, not a lot of B.S., it’s just very soulful, it’s food that grandma cooks. Grandma cooks low and slow and with a lot of soul and a lot of passion.

~ “Dinnerview: Chef Bruce Kalman of Union Restaurant.” July 19, 2014: Web.

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