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Tasting Panel Magazine focuses on the collaboration between Kalman and Pitsironis

August 27, 2014

At Union, our Head Chef (Bruce Kalman) and our Wine Director (George Pitsironis) work together, not only to bring you the best pairings, but at times they also collaborate on the menu. An example of this is the Biscotti and Vin Santo desert wine.
Tasting Panel Magazine has a nice piece focusing on Kalman and Pitsironis’ collaboration. You can read the article in its entirety here.

It’s been fun. George looks at wine like I look at food. We are both very thoughtful and a lot of love goes into our selections and pairings—we do it for the guests.

– Bruce Kalman

The “5” List
Bruce Kalman and George Pitsironis’ Top Five Faves

1. Real foodies. These guests truly taste the food and can’t talk because it touches them. They don’t try something just for the trend of it.

2. An eye opening experience. We love discovering something new and realizing that the chef/somm/etc. are doing it right, especially when it is something you should have known all along.

3. Finding other passionate people. We love meeting industry colleagues who just get it—who realize it’s a people business.

4. The perfect service ballet. You strive for everything to click while attending to the guest, and when it does, it makes the night fly by.

5. A look of euphoria on a customer’s face when they are enjoying themselves, and you know there is nowhere they would rather be.


~ Emily Coleman: “TAKING INVENTORY WITH: BRUCE KALMAN AND GEORGE PITSIRONIS.” The Tasting Panel Magazine July 8, 2014: Web.