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Pasadena Weekly Eats at Union

July 7, 2014

Pasadena Weekly stopped by Union last week. We love that Chef Kalman’s food brought the reviewer back to her childhood. What a wonderful compliment.
You can find the entire write-up here.
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I’ve loved giardiniera since my daddy put it on our toasted tuna-and-cheese sandwiches when we were kids, and Chef Bruce Kalman is a master.

The sandwiches were fabulous, the salad large and tasty and the marinated cauliflower (in three brilliant shades of purple, green and orange) superb. We finished with a mini-cup of hazelnut chocolate pudding ($3) as rich and satisfying as any gianduja gelato I’ve ever tried.

…We left the still-full dining room quite impressed.

~ Erica Wayne. “The State of This Union Is Strong.” Pasadena Weekly 03 July 2014: Web.

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