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Our Wine Sommelier On What To Drink at Union

July 30, 2014

This week our wonderful wine sommelier, George Pitsironis, is walking us through some of the bottles he’s chosen to sell in Union and gives us a glimpse into their amazing flavors.

All of our wines are food friendly and made in small production. We choose wineries that produce the right way, with respect to where they’re making the varietal. We choose wineries that stay true to what the wine wants to be and don’t manipulate the varietal in any way. We only stock authentic, true wines.

— George Pitsironis

Germano, Dolcetto D’Alba “Lorenzino”, Piemonte 2012 – “This is a geeky wine. It’s bigger, broader and has beautiful fresh fruit tones. This wine is for people that want something fruitier, but bone dry. The finish is mineral driven and like a river bed. It dries your palette and leaves you wanting more.”
Monchiero, Barolo, Piemonte 2008 – “It’s a gorgeous bottle of wine, thirteen plus years old. It has both age and power. There are notes of tar, roses, black licorice and a lot of earth.”
Az. Ag. San Giovanni, Il Lugana (Trebbiano di Lugana), Lombardia 2013 – “My favorite wine right now. It’s summer in a glass. Clean, crisp and like all of our white wines, it’s mineral driven.”
Lioco, “Indica” Rose of Carignane, Mendocino County 2013 – “Also for summer. An easy glass of wine.”
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