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“Magical Pairings” — Wine and Food at Union

July 14, 2014

We sat down with our amazing wine sommelier at Union, George Pitsironis, to ask about picking the perfect wine.


All of the wines we offer will compliment the menu. You’ll have a great experience with any of our wines if you’re privy to a certain kind. We’re not here to change a guest’s mind. We’re here to make their experience better.

— George Pitsironis
That being said, George has offered us a few “magical pairings” for the next time you come into dine with us and want something special.

~ The Mussels paired with the Sta. Magdelena, Weissburgunder 2012 Alto Adige, Italy

~ The Spaghetti Alla Chitarra paired with the Germano Dolchetto D’Alba “Lorenzino”, Piemonte 2012

~ The Porchetta paired with the Cascina Roccalini, Nebbiolo Langhe, Piemonte 2012

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