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Maggie’s Farm: Farmer’s market favorite

July 2, 2014

“After one week stuff gets bigger.”

— Nathan Peitso

This week, Maggie’s Farm has charente melon, treviso radicchio, sugarloaf radicchio and espelette peppers.

Nathan took the farm over from his dad 6 years ago and loves the job. When asked what he likes about farming, Nathan said it lets him work in the hot sun, which is way better than working in an office.

“I can really see the fruits of my labor.”

Touche, Mr. Peitso. Touche.

The farm has previously been written up by the LA Times back in 2002, and again in 2013.

From the article – Farmers Markets: The family behind Maggie’s and Kenter Canyon farms
April 20, 2013|By David Karp


Many of the greens sold by Maggie’s are hand-harvested near the stem, for a cleaner cut and longer life than mechanically harvested leaves, Nate says. Maggie’s offers its own special blends, like its signature stellar mix, including red and green lettuces, marigold and calendula petals, dill, chives, parsley and basil.


Radicchio from Maggie's Farm
Radicchio from Maggie’s Farm

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