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Fitzgerald’s Farms: Farmer’s Market Favorite

July 10, 2014


I love Fitzgerald’s because he’ll tell me what the best is right now… and the flavors.

Chef Bruce Kalman

J. Fitzgerald Kelly has owned Fitzgerald’s Farms since 1972. This week Fitzgerald’s Farms has nectarines, peaches and plumcots. Here’s what he had to say about each.


It was a perfect nectarine summer. They were superb from the very beginning. They hold up when cooking.


The peach we’ve got is a phenomenal eater, but not a good cooker because every bite is a different flavor.


Plumcot is a manufactured word. People make up new fruits.

Fitzgerald turned us on to Floyd Zaiger, specifically. Mr. Zaiger is a biologist who invented a slew of new kinds of fruits. Some of which, Fitzgerald sells at his stand.

If you see any fruits with a “Zee” in the name, like “Zee lady” or “Zee Diamond” Peaches, that’s him.


The box of gorgeous fruit Union bought from Fitzgerald's
The box of gorgeous fruit Union bought from Fitzgerald’s

Fitzgerald’s Farm has also been covered by the LA Times, which you can read here and NPR, which you can listen to here.

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