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Union in the L.A. Times

June 10, 2014

Nice write-up about our opening in the LA Times. You can read the full article here.

Kalman plans to showcase house-made charcuterie, pickles, pasta, local grains, heirloom beans and market produce. On the menu so far are starters such as ricotta crostini with pickled onions and pancetta; Pacific sardines with Rancho Gordo beans, citrus salad and saba; and house-made charcuterie with Kalman’s Bruce’s Prime Pickle Co. pickles. House-made pastas will include orecchiette “head and shoulder” pork ragu and gremolata or spelt cavatelli with broccoli di ciccio, pesto di rucola and Pecorino.

~ Betty Hallock. “New in Old Town: Bruce Kalman to open Union in Pasadena in March.” LA Times 20 February 2014: Web.

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