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Cherries are here!

June 4, 2014

Every week, Bruce and Mike scour the local farmer’s market stalls for ingredients that will create the best flavors for Union’s new and standing dishes. And when it comes to purchasing ingredients, Bruce likes the best of the best. He won’t settle.

Here’s what they picked up this week:



– Cherries are finally in season and our chefs grabbed a bunch from Murray Family Farms for their braised pork bellies with roasted cherries. Said Mike, “After weeks and weeks of peaches and nectarines, I’m excited to see some cherries.”


– Excited about the small cherry tomatoes he found, Bruce plans to use them for Union’s new pick-up lunch menu or to pickle them cold to use in his crudo plate. Bruce is famous for his pickling.

lemon cuckes.jpg
“I’ve never seen them this big!” – Bruce Kalman

Lemon Cucumbers

Her Produce had these giant lemon Cucumbers. They’ll be used in
Union’s to-go market salads.

Mustard leaf, celery and sage

– At Windrose Farms, Bruce chooses mustard with lots of flowers
and color and only picks the most vibrant bunches.


– Right now, Dates by Davall is the only stand that’s got them as
the season’s just starting.

Walla walla and pearl onions

– Bruce wants to mix both red and white onions to create flavor
and visual texture.

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